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GRM! Welcome to D-Day: Normandy!

D-Day: Normandy is a completely free to play World War II game. It was first released in 2000 as a mod for Quake 2. The final "official" version 4.1 was released by Vipersoft in 2002 as a standalone game. The current 5.0 version of the game is a community edition that compiles all the add-on teams and many of the most common maps and code additions and fixes that have been made since the '02 release.

D-Day is primarily a multiplayer game but it also has bot support for offline play. Currently there are 8 different teams you can play as, each with different weapons, skins and maps: USA, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Poland, Italy, Japan, and US Marines. There are around 60 different weapons available for the various teams and hundreds of community made maps.

At the start of the game you can join either Axis or Allies and then select a class. Each class has different weapons/items and strengths/weaknesses. Most weapons have 2 firing modes. By default use the right mouse button to use the alternate firing mode which for most guns means raising the weapon sites up to your eye so you can aim. There are no crosshairs in D-Day except for the sniper rifles! Maps can be won either by scoring points (by destroying and capturing objectives) and/or by your team getting a certain number of kills. Look at the scoreboard to see how many kills or points each team needs to win.

Read the column on the right hand side of this website to learn how to download the game and get started.

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"Airstrike fun" posted by alex125

USA! How To Play

1. Read the Game Rules!

2. Download the game and Install:

D-Day Full Install (211 Mb)

Download from mega.nz -

3. Click "Update Servers List.exe".

4. Launch the game using D-Day Launcher.exe, hit the escape key and join a server through the multiplayer menu.

That's it! To download more maps check out this thread.

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