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Hi all,
this is my server for now
Will maybe not be permanent, and will certainly be shutdown the night (or when I sleep) in belgium but there is my config for my next release, Maybe can you try it, a send me feedback.

With friends they ask to me to create a mode with very much bots to kills, so I created it, and I need a name for this mode. For moment I called it "hero" mode, but if you have good idea say me what :)
Do not hesitate to say if you think that there is too much bots to kill or anything

I create some mode who change the kills of every maps, for a best gameplay with less players, If you find a map in this modes without kills for a team, please, send me a message.
You can join me on IRC : in irc.quakenet.org chan : #ddayhome or on Freenode, chan #ddaynormandy .
Do not hesitate to type my pseudo to highlight me.
Or open an issue on github to highligh me by mail.
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