HOW TO: Setup a Linux Dedicated Server

Topics regarding running or playing on D-Day servers.
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HOW TO: Setup a Linux Dedicated Server

Post by Dirk » Fri Oct 05, 2012 4:41 pm

This will be a work in progress. Feedback is encouraged.

Assumptions made
  • General understanding of the commandline / bash
  • Understanding of ./configure, make, make install process
  • Proper routing/firewall rules
Get the following: Compiling required
  1. Compile r1q2 with dedicated option.
  2. Compile dday src. It will generate a
  3. Compile (if you want) q2admin. It will also generate a
Quake Directory setup
  • Create a quake2 folder
  • Copy r1q2ded to ./quake2

D-Day setup Test Quake2 with dday
  • cd ./quake2
  • ./r1q2ded game dday map church

Methods to run Quake2 after log off
  • Setting up Quake2 as a Service/Daemon. I currently am not doing this.
  • Running quake2 inside GNU Screen or Tmux (this is what I do)
  • Use nohup.
Q2Admin setup
If you plan on using q2admin, do the following:
  • You will need to get the q2admin configuration files. q2admin*.txt files. (get it here: you will ignore/delete the .dll as it doesn't work with Linux), extract the *.txt to the dday folder.
  • Rename in quake2/dday to
  • Then copy the compiled q2admin's to the dday folder. Background: When quake2 looks for the, it loads q2admin then q2admin loads the real mod binary

Advanced topics & tips
  • provide endless quake2 loop script
  • provide http download setup
  • provide ajax-console code

Useful commands:
dll_version shows you the current version
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Re: HOW TO: Setup a Linux Dedicated Server

Post by Munstin » Sat Oct 20, 2012 7:52 pm

Hopefully this will inspire some more servers and then fill said servers. Keep working on it Dirk this is good stuff.
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