On PS4 now

Discussion about the game D-Day: Normandy.
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On PS4 now

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Hey guys..... I don't know if you remember me Rct. Tsoul

Been trying to find a game like DDAY style of play that doesn't require empting an entire Magazine into a player to kill him.
I just wish DDAY could be remastered on the Battle Front 2 Engine...... original maps, including hidden Gay Bath House then released on PS4.

I NOW have a 14 year old son and he would loved to play DDAY back when it had players...... I guess I could try to get passed the DDAY Exiles Chille USA ip bann..... but I would not want to subject my son the bastardization of player models and texturing changes they have done to our beloved DDAY game.

Only other gamestyle I enjoyed was Left 4 Dead 2..... but those match making servers are dead...... if y'all know of a game like that on consoles that are still active please do share below.
.... and please share any suggestions for a good console game similar to the DDAY theme and play style if 1 exists...... thanks....
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Re: On PS4 now

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Glad you’re alive man. What’s your ps4 tag?
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Re: On PS4 now

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I also like to play Left 4 Dead 2. Now I don't have much time to play it but I'll start again during my vacations.
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